Saturday, December 25, 2010


Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Birthday!

I am terrible at keeping this thing updated! That being said I will backtrack a few weeks...

September 11 marks a memorable occasion. It is Tyler's Birthday! This year he turned 29!!

We celebrated by going to Tucano's for dinner and eating some real Brazilian food! The food was fabulous. Later we had cake and ice cream. Candace and Justin's family came to celebrate with us.

I don't often take the time to tell Tyler how great and wonderful I think he is. He is my hero and my best friend! He is a hard worker, he stands up for what he believes is right, he makes us laugh, he is a great Daddy and husband, he is passionate, he is honest, and he makes his family his number one priority (which I am especially grateful for). I love him for all of this and more!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Brooklyn's Birthdays

Brooklyn's birthday was August 10 and since we were moving during Brooklyn's Birthday she got to celebrate it many times throughout the month.

Birthday with Grandpa & Grandma Woodworth

Birthday with Mom & Dad

The balloon actually sang "Happy Birthday Princess!" Nice touch Dad!

Birthday with Erin, Nick & Megan

(It was Nick's Birthday the next day so we celebrated both birthdays while we were cleaning the apartment for checkouts.)

Birthday with Grandpa & Grandma Gibson

Whenever Brooklyn was asked about her Birthday she talked about having a "Sleeping Beauty Cake." Being the Mother-of-the-Year that I am, I didn't even get her a cake- let alone a Sleeping Beauty one! (In my defense we were moving and cleaning the house to pass ANY inspection.) Thankfully Grandma pulled through! Princess Brooklyn even appeared on the cake!

It has taken quite some time to help her understand that it is not her birthday any more and she doesn't get presents whenever we go to somebody's house.

Thanks to all of you who helped make Brooklyn's Birthday the best one yet!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Road Trip!

Since Tyler is done with school and now done with the BAR it was time to pack up our house in Sunny Florida and hit the road for a LONG road trip! (A HUGE thank you to everyone for all your help!!)

We have really loved Florida. We are so sad to leave behind our beaches, our condo, and all of the great friendships that we have made.

First stop was Bonifay where we stayed with some of the BEST people ever... The Bells. They always treat us like royalty. While we were there Brooklyn had a full-on night at the spa with Cassie.

From Bonifay we headed north up to Michigan. It was fun going back to Ann Arbor and seeing the place where Law School all started.

One of Tyler's friends from Law School was getting married. Tyler made a handsome Groomsman and Brooklyn loved seeing "Princess Sheila and Prince Dustin" get married! Brooklyn even found a dance partner! Thanks Landon for entertaining Brook!

From Michigan we headed west to get back to good 'ol Utah!! Brooklyn did such a good job on our 7 day journey in the car. I was so impressed! She is such a good little girl and doesn't complain much when we move her from place to place.

We miss Florida and really wish we could be at the beach, especially now that Tyler has time, but we really enjoy being close to family and becoming better friends with all our cousins too!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Visit to Utah

We've been in Utah the last couple of weeks. Here's some of what we've been up to:
My sister Brittany came home from her mission in Houston, Texas

We met our new cousin, Henry

Brooklyn has lots and lots and lots of attention with everyone at the house. She has had many differnt "Prince Charmings" "Fairy Godmother's" and "Guston's" and loves that she can find somebody to play with her at any given moment. Austin, Grandpa, and Brooklyn are playing Hide'n'Seek in these pictures.

I was quite impressed with Grandpa's ability to get into that tiny hole!
Tyler has spent A LOT of time studying and is taking the Utah BAR right now!! Today is his last day of testing and we all can't wait until it's over!
We still have a few more days left here in Utah and we will be living up the time we have left!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Memorial Day

This last Memorial Day was a lot of fun. Tyler had a day off of studying for the BAR and we got together with some friends and hit the beach. It was a PERFECT day! We got to the beach before the crowds did and got a good spot to play. The water was so clear you could see the bottom of the ocean! (Granted we stayed in the shallow spots) It was also really calm so even the toddlers could walk around in the water without being held. I normally don't like to be in the water very long because you never know what's in there with you but this time I could see all the fish, shells and hermit crabs so it wasn't scary, it was amazing!

The guys had fun fishing and the women had fun chatting.

The boys had fun trying to net some fish and swimming like fish, and the little girls had fun watching the fish that had been caught swim around in the bucket.

The dolphins even came to make a GREAT beach day a PERFECT beach day!

It wouldn't be Memorial Day without a BBQ so we all went home, got cleaned up and got back together to have a great BBQ and play games. It's a great day when all the kids and all the adults have fun at the same time! Thanks Hamisch's & Fernandez's for the great day!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Graduation!

Tyler did it! Law School is finally finished. After 3 years of studying, moving, internships, moving and studying some more Tyler graduated a couple of weeks ago from Ave Maria School of Law!! Way to go Tyler! I am so proud of you!

Both Tyler's parents and my parents came to celebrate with us. It was so much fun having family with us again.

Since study time was over we had a lot of fun playing with Grandparents!
We went to the Everglades and saw some alligators and turtles:

We went to the beach (What else do you do in Florida, right?)

We played dress-up:

(ok, Brooklyn played dress-up and the rest of us played the part of her adoring loyal subjects)

And we went swimming:

It was so much fun to have both sets of Grandparents here to share this wonderful moment with us. And I can't say enough how proud I am of Tyler for finishing Law School. (Not that I didn't think he would, school has just been our lives for so long and now it's finally over!) LOVE YOU!